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Artisanal Wedding Dresses

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Wedding Dresses

We go beyond just making wedding gowns, bridal dresses and bridesmaid dresses. We listen to your dreams, your stories and your aspirations. And then we compose the bridal gown that will take your breath away and live on after as a physical memory of your special day.

Wedding Flower

Designed With Care

From the corsetry to the cut, each bridal gown is carefully composed to caress the body lightly and mold the silhouette with absolute precision.

Attention to Detail

Every little detail on the anatomy of the wedding dress is carefully modelled and crafted by hand to meet the bride’s exacting requirements.

Versatile Timeless Designs

In this process of sculpture, we work with you to shape the wedding dress that best exemplifies your precise sense of style in a timeless fashion.

"It's important to me, as a Designer, that the Bride feels completely comfortable in her Wedding Dress, so she can move around and be herself on her big day."

Eelyn Tang, Founder